For one thing you need to decide how much land you need. You need to make sure that the ground that you build on is as even as possible. And also make sure there are no holes in the ground where if it rains the water can fill up the holes.

You especially need to determine how much it would cost you to build the structure and get the supplies you need. And you also need to determine how much of a water bill you'll end up paying to maintain it.

Keep in mind if you're doing this as a hobby it can get quite expensive. So you may want to figure out also how to make a little extra income to reassure that you can keep affording the hobby.

Also be realistic with the plants you choose. Even in a greenhouse you have a limit as to what kinds of plants you can have because of the environment that you're in. The greenhouse can only protect the plants to a certain degree which gives you some flexibility. But even then not all plants will be able to be grown in that environment.

You're still limited to some degree based on how far north or south you are on the Earth.

October 13, 2022 — Anup Thakur