Prime Grower Solana Horticulture Full Spectrum 720W LED Grow Light 12 Bars

$399.00 USD $750.00

The 12 bars led grow light is our best item for indoor plants

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light bar 
Performs extremely well in all stages of growth.
Get higher yields with our quality LEDs
Full Spectrum and Color Select Feature
High efficiency and low heat
High output led plant grow light
Best led grow light for indoor Farm
Full spectrum led grow lights for Indoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowers
Performs extremely well in cloning, vegetative and flowering cycle
Replaces 1000w HID lamp.
High quality smd 3030 led chips
Use for all stages of plant growth
Full spectrum 380-780nm
Advanced LED Drivers for Higher Performance
Eliminates A/C in most grow spaces due to very low heat output
Without Fan, the use-life is longer
Environmentally friendly (No Mercury)
Five foot Power Cord in 110v US with 220v 
Available Maximum 120° adjustable for each bar.
Product Description:
  • Prime Grower Solana 12 Bar LED grow light uses the latest high-efficiency (2.75μmol/J) LED plant light technology with premium OSRAM SMD 3030 diodes, providing uniform lighting and stronger light output
  • The energy consumption is only 660 watts, making it 2x more efficient than traditional HID lights and other plant lamps on the market. It is perfect for covering 4 x 4 ft. area (6 x 6 ft. max)
  • This LED plant lamp has 12 light bars each of which articulates 120 degrees to provide focused growing; The slimmer style body allows for more types of plants Full-spectrum Sunlike Lighting
  • These LEDs deliver optimal full light-spectrum coverage (380nm-780nm, 660nm, 3000K, 5000K), offering more power for your blooms and maximum PAR output at various distances; The cool white light (5000K) promotes germination rates, the warm white light (3000K) speeds up blooming time, and the red light (780nm) improves the plant production
  • The 12 Bar LED Grow Light comes with 2 pulley hangers to easily adjust hanging height, The IP54 rating surface can meet your demand in different indoor planting environments;

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Great experience

I've purchased lights several times from here and have never been disappointed. I'm currently trying 3 of the Solana lights in one of my rooms and they work great. Also having the lowest price available doesn't hurt.
Thank you

Torey Thompson

We purchased this light about 2 months ago and set it up about a month ago. We put it in a basement at 60% power and let me tell you, the ladies LOVE IT!! The PPFD is great and we love how cool the temps are when it’s running. Also, it’s a great light for a tent or other small space because you can put it super close to the plants without any sort of burning or bleaching.
If you’re looking for a great light at a great price point, so do not look any further!! From time to time Prime Grower offers a promotion on these lights. If you are lucky to have an additional deal on top of already a great price, do not rethink it!!! Buy it!

Sam Cooper

The best advantage of this supplier is its low price, one bar corresponds to one power supply, which is very convenient for maintenance, and the spectrum is not bad at all. dimming is good! so i dont wanna remove the bar any more!

Lonny Olson

Super fast delivery thank you very much

Andrew Barrel
Prime grower is awesome!

Very fast shipping to Canada, lights are working great. good quality at a great price 👌 very efficient customer service