Horticulture SUNDRO Pro-S700 Veg Uv Bloom Commercial Plants Indoor Samsung LED Grow Light

$649.00 USD $725.00


  • Application: Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG
  • Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):150
  • Color Rendering Index(Ra):80
  • Support Dimmer: Yes
  • Thermal Management: Passive cooling
  • Input Voltage(V): AC100V-265V
  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 25000
  • Working Temperature(℃): -40 - 60
  • Working Lifetime(Hour): 50000
  • Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • IP Rating:IP65
  • Model Number: Sundro Pro- S700
  • Wattage:700W
  • Light Source: LED, Commercial Indoor Vertical Farm Grow Light Fixtures
  • Luminous Efficacy(μmol/J): 2.9
  • Color Temperature(CCT): 3000K/5000K/660nm/730nm/395nm
  • Dimming: Manual & Rj11 controller
  • Spectrum: Full Sunlike Spectrum
  • Coverage MAX: 6'x6' (Personal Grow); 5'x5' (Commercial Grow)
  • Mounting Height: 12” - 36”above canopy
  • LED Light Source: Samsung LM301B/LM301H & Os-ram 660nm red
  • Channels: 3 Channels Uv Veg Uv Bloom Lm301H Lm301B
  • Usage: Greenhouse indoor 
  • Lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years

Industry-Leading Solution: 
01. Industry top efficacy and light output - 2.9 μmol/j

02. Built with the best parts ,Top Bing Sam-sung & Os-ram Chip and brand driver for higher efficacy and longer lifespan;

03. Most trustable Full-cycle Sunlike Spectrum with proven result, optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development;

04. 3 Channels Dimmers, VEG switch , Bloom switch ,UV switch separately controlled, Freely adjust the lamps according to different growing stages;

05. Plug & Play design, The light bars are 'clip in' and 'clip out' making for super easy assembly and maintenance .

06. Optional Master Controller, idea for Group Control (max 100 lamps) &Timing and Dimmable Function.

07. 5 Years Warranty, Make sure give you need from a high-quality grow lights – at a price that affordable. 

Increase Profit Significantly:

1. Save 100%-200% on lighting compared to other brands;

2. Reduce HVAC and electricity costs by 50-60%;

3.Make you get 30% Higher Yield compare the traditional lamps, Increases revenue with better quality flower and higher yield(maximize crop yield by growing vertical).

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Chester J

The light is excellent .. Super bright. Low heat. Plug and play. Would definitely recommend.

Riley Connelly

Excellent light.!

Murphy Will

Been through quite a few lights and so glad I spent the money on prime grower. 2 of the 3 guys at my hydro shop run those lights on their grows. Funny because they don't even sell those. So yeah spend the money you will be happy you did. If your not happy your probably an ass to begin with

Greg P

A thousand thanks great

Stanton W

Freakin outstanding light!