100Ft Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel Spray Gun Rewind Wall Mount 110PSI

$115.66 USD



  • Tired of fighting with your hose and nozzle that always seem to disappoint? Looking for a retractable garden hose that alleviates the clutter?
    Well, guess what. Today is your lucky day! This here retractable hose reel kit is the solution you've been searching for.

    Our team has designed and developed this particular 30M auto rewind hose reel because we knew homeowners, renters and garden keepers
    have long searched for a keeper hose that does it all.
    Say goodbye to the kinks, the knots and the sprawling hose messes.
    This 30M hose reel with storage and attached 7 spray nozzle has been engineered to extend and automatically rewind when ready to be stored,
    thus requiring very little effort on your part.

    All you have to do is pull the hose end sprayer from the hose reel side mount and get to watering your flowers, plants or grass.
    When done, simply let the PVC garden hose reel automatically rewind itself. That's right. No more wrapping, looping or bunching!
    With a 14mm water hose diameter, this heavy duty retractable hose will make it quick and easy to irrigate your garden with precision.
    Don't again make the mistake of choosing a conventionally cumbersome garden hose.
    Grab your mounted hose reel before this amazing deal comes to an end.

    Product Features
    Neat, elegant hose storage solution
    Incrementally locking, auto rewind system
    UV resistant materials
    180 degree swivel wall mount
    Built-in handle
    Rubber stopper
    Spray gun with 9-Settings

    Hose Length: 30m + 2m
    Hose Material: UV resistant PVC
    Colour: Grey with Green
    Fittings: 3/4" Quick Release
    Hose I.D.: 1/2"
    Working Pressure: 8 Bar/ 116 PSI
    Burst Pressure: 24 Bar/ 384 PSI
    Spray Gun Type: 9-Settings (Jet to Mist)
    Reel Case Material: Polypropylene
    Overall Dimensions: 18.5x10.3x16.5in. (48 x 27 x 43cm)
    Weight: 9.5kg

    Package Included

    Water Hose Reel
    1x Spray Gun with 9-Settings

    Installation Instructions