Grow Tent Complete Kit 4'' Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo 300W LED Light Indoor Grow Box 36'' x 20'' x 63''

$316.68 USD


  • Hydroponics 36''x20''x63'' 600D Mylar Grow Tent Room w/Waterproof Floor Tray + Full Spectrum LED300W Grow Light + 4'' Inline Fan Filter Ducting Combo + Grow Light Hangers + Digital Hygrometer + 60mm Bonsai Shears + 24 Hour Timer + Trellis Netting Indoor Grow Tent Complete Kit
  • 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar (enhance the reflective effect):600D high-reflective Diamond Mylar, Large heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching for protection against light leaks. Easy entry and access
  • Digital Hygrometer: High stability & accuracy. Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously; Rope Hanger: Up to 75-pound weight load capacity per ratchet; a pair can handle 150-pounds
  • LED: Featuring a user friendly "Full Spectrum" design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required like germination, seedling, veg, flower
  • Fast Shipping & Discreet Package

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
George LaValle
Great for indoor use.

This is a great little grow kit. After doing more research, we have learned that we could expect a larger harvest with a 600w light rather than a 300w light. This upgrade we can make in the future, but would have been a nice option when we purchased. Overall... a great product and well worth the money spent.

Roger Humphreys
Everything that you’ll need; Great value

Everything needed to start your grow, even for inexperienced or novice growers

Darian Bernhard
Looks good

I did not like that thereabouts instructions on how to set or use timer, other that that I'm very happy

Vaughn Beahan
Best little start in town.

I am a first time grower, and I’ve been waiting since 1984 to Finley grow pot. But this little grow tent comes with everything you need to start your first grow of pot or other Herbs, plants flowers you know what I mean. For my next grow I will get a bigger tent to move these pots over to the bigger and start my next grow in this one and so on and so on. But comes with everything for a beginner.

Jamey Herman
Great buy!

Nice fan and big charcoal filter. Feels industrial not simple home fan. The fan is like one you would see at a welders shop blowing air in a certain direction. Not that loud either, a low hum. The tent is simple and has strong zipper. Just piece the frame together and put the tent around and zip. The timer for the switches is one negative i suppose. I can't figure it out so I am going to buy better outlet connector. The light is simple and good for 2 ft x 2ft space. I bought soil, seeds, plant food separate.

Good stuff!