4 Inch Carbon Filter Ventilation Kit Inline Duct Fan with Monitor for Grow Tent

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This is a combination of duct fans, including fans, filters, thermometers, and controllers. It is very convenient, and the effect is more effective when used together, and the price is relatively affordable. It is an indispensable helper for exhaust ventilation. 


  1. High-quality materials: The fan adopts a plastic shell, which is light in weight, easy to clean, quiet in operation and maintenance-free. The filter is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and has a long service life 
  2. EXHAUST AND INTAKE AIR: Making fresh air to rooms in a quick and reasonably quiet way, circulate fresh air, control humidity, excess heat, smell and air quality in grow area. 
  3. MULTI-ENVIRONMENT: a suit for grow tents, green rooms, hydroponics, basements, attics, hospital rooms, commercial cooling, and industrial applications. 
  4. QUIET OPERATION: The durable fan blades revolves smoothly and powerfully, which helps collect airflow volume and cut noise output. 
  5. The fan blade is designed according to the fluid dynamics principle to reach optimal airflow and air pressure.


  • Product Size:46x45.5x27 cm ( 4 inch Duct Fan and Filter)
  • Model:YJ-100
  • Current:0.22A
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Airflow:310m³/h
  • Voltage:110V
  • Power:40W
  • Speed:2220/2550RPM
  • Static/Noise:200Pa/30dB
  • Weight:6.5kg

Package list

1 x 4 inch Duct Fan

1 x 4 inch Carbon Filter

1 x 3m Ducting

1 x Thermometer & Hygrometer

1 x Rope

2x Stainless Clamps

1 x Manual

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