42" Vertical Umbrella Hydroponic Grow Light Reflector

$91.95 USD


42" Vertical Umbrella Open Hood (Assembly Required):

  • Size: 42" Diameter 
  • Lamp Compatibility: MH/HPS 250W/400W/600W/1000W
  • Socket type: E39 Mogul Base
  • Material: White reflective alum
  • Industry Standard S-plug
  • Pre-installed ceramic socket
  • 15' Heavy duty wire cord

Customer Reviews

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R. Pena
The best hood style there is

I've worked for a garden supply retailer in the past and tested many different hood types and this is my favorite. You can't beat the light spread of this reflector. It will cover a 4x4 area with a 600w bulb easily. 1000w would be preferred but I aim for efficiency. It only offers the option to mount the bulb vertically now where as the one I bought 10 years ago gave you the parts to mount it horizontal as well, but I think vertical is superior for light distribution and makes it easier to get airflow over the bulb. The cord is a little short for bigger rooms but something you can plan for. It is heavy, but its sturdy.

Brandon Mangan
The product is quality easy assemble and the shipping was fantastic

The product was easy assembled quality in fast shipping

Harmony Klein
Make sure you have headroom

I purchased two earlier in the year assembled them even had some extra hardware, beautiful reflectors much brighter than the small wing they replaced. Items arrived quickly and defect free. The second set were a little different they arrived with the mogul bracket attached to the mounting plate, the bolts and wing nuts used to assemble in both orders scratched the first reflector leaf in each order. Please rethink the partial assembly it scratched my beautiful reflectors. Make sure you have room for these!

Gonzalo Runte

Great product recommend it

Jewel Kirlin
Very nice easy to assemble

Very easy to assemble works great haven't had any problems and I've had it on ever since I bought it 2 months ago