600W Full Spectrum UFO LED Grow Light with Grow Tent 4'' Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo Indoor Grow Tent Kit

$696.95 USD



  • Grow Tent: 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar (enhance the reflective effect); 600D high-reflective Diamond Mylar, Large heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching for protection against light leaks. Easy entry and access
  • Ventilation Kit: Pre-filter included, Cleaner air to promote better health; Use Coal Based activated carbon environmentally friendly materials and Carbon Layer Thickness: 1.5 inches; Durable ceramic-coated. Composite fan blades and center hub which reduces noise and vibration
  • LED: Featuring a user friendly "Full Spectrum" design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required like germination, seedling, veg, flower
  • HYGROMETER: High stability & accuracy. Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously; ROPE HANGERS: Up to 75-pound weight load capacity per ratchet; a pair can handle 150-pounds; SHEARS: Enable excellent smooth and clean cutting action for precise results, also reduce hand strain; TRELLIS NETTING: Heavy-duty nylon tangle-free net is ideal for growing vining vegetables, fruits, and flowers; TIMER: 24 Hour settings with switch knob
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Benton Abshire

Super great product here. It is COMPLETELY worth it. Super easy to set up and the light included is absolutely great. Its super spacious inside too. High recommend the above head fan and filter. Overall I’d say a solid 11/10!

Naomi Dickinson

Everything came as described, good quality of materials, the lamp and the fan are just the bomb.

Lemuel Veum
Great for four plants!!

Perfect lighting and ac plants will definitely grow big and strong

Tamara Lang

I’m really happy with this purchase! The tent is sturdy and well-constructed but I had a difficult time putting it together on my own and in a tight space. I swore a lot; you have to almost stretch the tent over the frame but that’s a good thing because it makes the walls of the tent nice and tight and it keeps the poles in place. The other items seem high quality although I’m not an expert. I had things up and running in about two hours. From a beginner’s perspective this is a good, intuitive kit and I’m glad I bought it.

Quinn Beatty

Extremely happy with purchase. Assembly was relatively easy. I had an issue with temp/humidifier unit that was promptly addressed by customer service. Thank you! I would buy from this company again! A+++++ product and customer service! My plants are growing perfectly.