Prime Grower Advanced Full Spectrum 540W Led Grow Light SKL2 Series

$559.00 USD $718.00



The Advanced Full Spectrum SKL2 series are the most efficient grow bars out of all the traditional options available in the market. The perfect blend spectrum emitted by the grow light supports the varied stages of a plants’ life from seedling, propagation, and is ideal for indoor plantations and greenhouse applications.

IP65 Rating: The enclosure protects the grow system from various outside factors like water and dust. It can work under challenging surroundings.

Safety Assured: The product is ETL listed, which means that it complies with North American Safety Standards.

Standalone Unit/Supplemental Light: You can use it as the primary source of light or as a supplemental light to support all the stages of a plants’ grow cycle.

Ideal Photon Emissions: The LED emits light in every wavelength along with the photosynthetic spectrum from which plants derive nourishment and produce the energy required for growth.