Black 2-PACK Outdoor Galvanized Raised Metal Garden Bed

$235.35 USD

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Extra-thick 2-Ply Reinforced Card Frame Raised Garden Bed

  • No need any tools--- just piece together the card frame and sheet and it works, 15 mins is enough for DIY assemble;
  • Double card frame to reinforce the garden bed--- never worry its break or any deform;
  • Using vertical stripe, not horizontal stripe--- to improve the garden bed ability in bearing the soil and make the garden bed more textured;
  • Multiplayer galvanized paint--- never to fade;
  • Three colors as Green, Grey and Ivory--- more similar as garden's and nature's color, Ivory is good for DIY color.
  • Unlike the wood material, galvanized steel garden bed will not rot assuring years of reliable use.
  • Note: Important! The size 36.2'' x 20'' x 2'' on the package is Package size. This is required for writing. We already updated the size info on package for the following product. 


  • Color: Charcoal-grey
  • size: 68"x 36"x 12" x2
  • Package size: 36.2'' x 20'' x 2''
  • Size of card frame: 0.9" width
  • Net Weight: 16.61 lbs
  • Package Weight: 21.21 lbs
  • Capacity: 17 Cu Ft of Soil x2
  • Material: Metal
  • What's in the Box:
  • 2x Garden bed in parts
  • 1 x Installation Instruction
  • 2 x gloves(as gift)
  • 16 x T-type Tags(as gift)

Raised garden bed has more advantages in convenient assembly, advanced and pressure-resistant design, and color selections.