Black & White Grow Bag Panda Poly Film Highly Reflective 10 X 10Ft for Grow Tent

$16.66 USD


Panda Color sides

With the white side of our panda film up, our garden cover will reflect light to avoid high temperature environment in summer and autumn.

With the black side of our 100% blackout plant film down, our panda poly film will keep warm temperature for your plants to grow in winter and spring.

Multiple Function

Professional indoor gardening and hydroponic manufacturer

High quality control standard

Various Purpose

This panda film could be used both in outdoor and indoor. Whether used in garden, grow room, greenhouse or grow tent, this black and white film can meet your needs.

Also, from small plant pots to big greenhouse, 10 X 10 ft is an ideal size.

Are you looking for greenhouse film to protect your plants? Why not try our black and white panda poly film?
Blackout sunlight and insulate temperature to provide proper environment for your plants.

Ultra-durable material
Light resistant
Light reflective

Wide Application

Our 100% blackout plant film can be widely applied on farm projects like vegetable and flower greenhouse, seedling growing room, chicken and pig house, etc.

You can also apply it in your house like sticking on the window to block wind, covering your furniture when you repair house and so on.

Product description:

Black and White Panda Film 10 x 10 ft Hydroponics Poly Film Highly Reflective, Waterproof Plastic Sheeting for Grow Tent Greenhouse

Light Reflective Function: During the summer and autumn, covering your plants with our 100% blackout greenhouse film, letting the white side up and the black side down, which can reflect light to avoid high temperature environment to hurt plants.

Insulated Function: During the winter and spring, covering your plants with our waterproof poly panda film, setting the black side up and white side down, to prevent the snow and frost to keep the temperature inside the greenhouse to protect your plants from freezing.


Heavy-duty and great durability: panda film contains special combination of high-strength polymers and UV-stabilizers, leading a durable feature. It provides excellent light resistant partition.

Black side: The black side provides excellent light resistant partition, absorbs heat and keeps warming.

White side: The white side provides over 90% reflective so as to reflect bulbs' light and heat back to plants for use on the walls and floor.

Waterproof and recyclable: Help prevent molds and algae growth and reflect light to the plant for better growth. It can be used for long life-span.

Multiple function: Also known as Smart film, which is used for multipurpose. Used as wall liner, ground cover, growing bed liner, light proof barrier, reservoir covering in growing room, greenhouse system or grow tent

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