5x Trellis Netting Heavy-Duty 5 X 15 Feet

$38.99 USD $79.95


  • REUSABLE, HIGH-QUALITY, VERSATILE TRELLIS: Soft, yet heavy-duty, this netting helps plants cling to a smooth surface and will last a couple of years
  • CUT TO ANY SIZE: This netting comes in 5 x15 ft, making it easy to cut to the appropriate size for your garden
  • SAVE SPACE: Expand upward! Direct your plants by weaving the netting around poles or bamboo sticks for a quick, extremely sturdy trellis that will hold the weight of your plant
  • SQUARE MESH: Designed with 6x6-inch holes, the netting leaves enough room to reach through, prune, and pick. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply wrap and tie the netting around any stable structure or support? it can be used for A-frame, horizontal, and vertical growth