24" x 48" x 60" Home Grow Tent Kit with Super Soil Ca Organic Nutrients

$189.79 USD $267.00


  • The Industry's MOST DURABLE GROW TENT – Heavy duty1680D Oxford cloth exterior makes this tent extremely durable; stitching for strength and light protection works to keep in 99% of all light and reduces smell. Our sturdy steel frame can hold up to a whopping 250 lbs! Plenty of openings for fans/ vents/ electrical cords; removable viewing mesh screen for viewing & removing humidity; bottom tray prevents water leakage on the floor and keep tent stay clean.
  • LIVING SOIL TECHNOLOGY! Our concentrate is fermented, allowing microbes to begin breaking down amendments into forms that can be absorbed by your plants. Multiple scientific studies have shown these microbes increase plant uptake of vital nutrients, such as phosphorus, and improve soil aggregation. This regulation also helps prevent any potential nutrient burn to your plant!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Really nice tent

I really like this tent, I am new to growing and got it on sale.

Jackson Hughes

Garden plants have gotten so expensive. Purchased this grow tent to start my tomatoes, peppers, and flowers from seeds. Hope to get several years of use out of it

Steffen Stark
Top quality for a fraction of the price.

I’ve had no rips or shedding of the reflective material on the inside and my plants show no sign of light leaks which was my main concern. It holds humidity very well and hasn’t grown any mildew or mold from my humidifier being on almost constantly. I use a fan to circulate air to the inside of the tent and it fits perfectly.

Brendan Kent
Quality is better than I expected at this price point, plan on buying another.

Great tent, perfect quality and love the organic soil.

Better than the average tent by far.

This prime grower tent is far better than almost all competitors - AC infinity and gorilla grow tent are behind in my personal opinion