Prime grower 1000W HPS Double Ended DE Complete Grow Light Kit

$225.75 USD


Product Details

Prime Grower 1000W OPEN DE Fixture w/ 1000W DE HPS Lamp utilizes high-output, high-frequency ballast technology paired with a highly reflective aluminum reflector.

1000W DE System Features: 

  • High output and energy efficient 
  • High Frequency Ballast > 100kHz 
  • Fully sealed ballast housing  10% more light compared to single ended setup 
  • Dimmer Setting 600/750/1000/1150 Highly reflective hammer tone aluminum reflector  (13"x9.8"x4"= Length x width x height)
  • Dual Voltage 120/240V 
  • Two year Warranty

1000W DE Lamp Spec: 

  • PAR: 2,100+ µmol Lumen:155,000lm 
  • Kelvin: 2000k  CRI: 35 
  • Rated life span: 24,000 HR 
  • Warranty 1 year

Package includes:
1) 1000W Fixture/ballast (ETL Listed) 120-240V 
2) 120V Power Cord 8ft (240V adapter included)
3) 2100k 1000W DE Lamp
4) 24 Hour Analog timer (120V only)
5) 1/8 Rope hanger (rated 75LB per rope total 150lb)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
chris robinson
Growing right!

Wanted to get a round done before I gave a review. The light works great, had no issues with the function. Plants grew big and healthy, with huge flowers.

Gavin Jones
the ballast is connected and its double ended bulb

Great no problem perfect hood and bulb