Prime Grower 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH CDM Grow Light Lamp Master Color

$74.93 USD


Product Details

Prime Grower 315-Watt CMH bulbs 

  • Initial lumens at rated watts after 100 hours of operation is 33000Lm; 
  • Rated average life 20,000 hrs; 
  • Temperature Color 3100K; 90 CRI (Color rendering index) ; 
  • PAR Value 570 umol/s. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Mr D
It Works

The Ceramic Metal Halide bulb was a trial to see how well it works compared to a few I have used in the past. I was looking for a CMH bulb with a concentration for vegetative growth. I have to admit, for the price, the performance was not too bad. I will purchase this one again.

Donald Shanahan
make sure you don't look right at the bulb

It's working great love the brightness of it for veg time

Greg Sanford
Does the job

This bulb is producing very well for me. Buds are forming very well at the end of week 4. Recommended if you are on a budget.

Nicholaus Kessler
it arrived on time, working

Came in one piece and works as expected . being a delicate item you worry, but mine got here and is doing its job. just use normal precautions when you install it. (screw it in) best not to let your hands touch it ,oil can cause hot spots on the bulb and cause the bulb to possibly fail (possibly ill say again) just good practice with these type of bulbs. its only happened to me once and it was not this product ,just a high pressure light i was installing along time ago. I started wearing gloves and have never had it happen again

Gabrielle Wiza
It Works

Great bulbs