Prime Grower 315W CMH CDM 120/240V Grow Light Fixture 31K Bulb Replace LED Kit

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Product Details

Digital Grow 315W Ceramic Metal Halide System features a highly efficient, square wave, low-frequency ballast paired with a commercial grade hammer tone aluminum reflector that is highly reflective. Ceramic Metal Halide lamps offer a spectrum and CRI that closely resembles natural sunlight over any other form of lighting available on the market, they also have increased PAR/Watt efficiency leading to better quality while using significantly less power.   

315W Product Features: 

  • Operates 1 x 315W CMH Lamps Commercial unit all in one system  
  • Low-Frequency Square Wave Ballast Fully sealed ballast housing  
  • High reflective hammer tone aluminum reflector (11.6"x10"x4"= Length x width x height)
  • Dual Voltage 120/240V
  • Daisy Chain up to 8 units 240V & Daisy chain up to 4 units 120V
  • 2 Year Warranty 

Digital Grow 315-Watt CMH bulbs 

  • Initial lumens at rated watts after 100 hours of operation is 33000Lm;  
  • Rated average life 20,000 hrs;  
  • Temperature Color 3100K; 90 CRI (Color rendering index) ;  
  • PAR Value 570 umol/s.  

Package includes:
1) 315W Fixture/Ballast 120-240V
2) 120V Power Cord 8ft (include 240V adapter)
3) 3100k 315W Lamp
4) 24 Hour Analog timer (120V Only)
5) 1/8 Rope hanger (rated 75LB per rope total 150lb)

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