Prime Grower 315W CMH CDM 120/240V Grow Light Fixture Reflector Kit

$296.19 USD


Product Details

Digital Grow 315W CMH Daisy-Chain Digital Ballast features Soft Start Technology ensures that lamp start-up is as lamp friendly as possible while maintaining consistent ignition. Randomized firing sequencing allows large ballast installations to be turned on simultaneously without taxing circuit breakers or switches.

 315W Ballast Features:

  •     Operates 1 x 315W CMH Lamps Commercial unit all in one system 
  •     Low-Frequency Square Wave Ballast Fully sealed ballast housing 
  •     Daisy Chain up to 8 units 240V & Daisy chain up to 4 units 120V
  •     Dual Voltage 120/240V
  •     2 Year Warranty
  •     120V 8' Cord Included


Digital Grow 315-Watt CMH bulbs:

  •     Initial lumens at rated watts after 100 hours of operation is 33000Lm; 
  •     Rated average life 20,000 hrs; 
  •     Temperature Color 3100K; 90 CRI (Color rendering index) ; 
  •     PAR Value 570 umol/s.

Retro-fit Socket adapter Features:


  •     Adapter for 315-Watt CMH lamps to fit into standard 250W to 1000W mogul sockets.
  •     This socket adapter can be used to turn any old, standard HID grow light reflector into a CMH 315W reflector.
  •     PGZ18 To E39 Socket Adapter
  •     Socket Accessory Only
  •     2"x2"x3.8". 

120V Mechanical Timer Feature:  
  •     Automated lighting for consistent hours of light                    
  •     ETL Listed and Certified                         
  •     Operates on 120V can be used up to a 1000W Ballast                         
  •     Wattage up to 1725W                         
  •     15 minute On/Off                        
  •     15 Amp
Rope Spec:              
  •     Maximum weight capacity is 150lbs
6" Air Cool Reflectors:       
  •     Size: 20" x 16" x 8"                          
  •     Lamp Compatibility: MH/HPS                          
  •     Socket type: E39 Mogul Base                          
  •     Industry Standard S-plug                          
  •     Pre-installed ceramic socket                          
  •     15" Heavy duty wire cord                         
  •     Metal Hangers Included

NOTE: When installing 315W CMH lamp on PGZ18 Socket Adapter, DO NOT GRIP THE GLASS! Grip the silver ring base protector only to prevent damage to the lamp.

Customer Reviews

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Anthony B.

All I can say is I'm so impressed, it's far more than I expected for the price. Thank you!!

Ursa Major

New growers on a budget this is your light