Prime Grower 630W CMH CDM DE Ceramic MH Large Grow Light 3100k Hydro Kit

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Digital Grow 630W Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide System features a highly efficient, square wave, low-frequency ballast paired with a commercial grade hammer tone aluminum reflector that is highly reflective. Ceramic Metal Halide lamps offer a spectrum and CRI that closely resembles natural sunlight over any other form of lighting available on the market, they also have increased PAR/Watt efficiency leading to better quality while using significantly less power.  

630W CMH Low Frequency Ballast Features: 

  •     630W Ballast works with all Standard S plug (Double ended ) Reflectors 
  •     Low-Frequency Square Wave Ballast Fully sealed ballast housing 
  •     Dual Voltage 120/240V (120V power cord included + 240V cord Adapter)
  •     2 Year Warranty

630W CMH Double Ended Lamp Spec 3100k:

  •     PAR: 1200+ µmol Lumen:78500lm (125LM/per watt)
  •     Kelvin: 3100k  CRI: 90
  •     Rated life span: 10,000 HR
  •     Warranty 1 year


Double Ended Large Open reflector: (Assembly required)

  •     Size: 36"x31.25"x8.75"      
  •     Lamp Compatibility: MH/HPS 250W/400W/600W/1000W      
  •     Socket type: Double Ended  K12x30S     
  •     High quality grade 98% reflective film       
  •     Industry Standard S-plug      
  •     Pre-installed ceramic socket      
  •     15' Heavy duty wire cord

Package includes:
1) 630W Low Frequency square wave ballast 120/240V
2) 120V Power Cord 8ft (Included 240V Adapter)
3) 630W DE CMH LAMP 3100k OR 4200k
4) 120V Mechanic 24HR Timer
5) Pair of Rope Hanger Ratchet (up to 150LB)
6) Double Ended Large Open Reflector (Assembly required)

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