Prime Grower High Efficiency MAXX M8 Full Spectrum 1000W Horticulture LED Grow Light Indoor Plants

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Full Spectrum 1000W Best LED Grow Light Indoor Plants  Replacing 8bars 1700e LED Horticulture Grow Light
UL Listed certificates.


1. Full spectrum with enhanced red for full cycle.

2. Efficacy is up to 2.8 µmol/J.

3. No wiring needed, it takes less than 50 seconds to install a fixture.

4. 8 Bars removable 

5.  720W/ 800W/ 900W/1000w multiple wattage optional.

6. 0-10v auto & manual Dimmable control.  2 dimming solutions, manual and automatic dimming are optional.

7. 4ft by 4ft  area. 

8. Passive heat dissipation design (No need for internal cooling fans)

9. Uniform Light distribution. Each light bar is evenly distributed on the 2 ends of the power supply and the PPFD value of each point is very uniform, giving your plants the most uniform growth environment.

10. Save 50% space with the Mad Maxx Grow light.   

11. 8bar led grow light power is from 720W to 1000W

12. It can save 50% of shipping and storage space compared to other Grow Led Lights with the same power.


  • DETACHABLE LIGHTS BAR DESIGND-The 8 removable and replaceable bars make it super easy to install and transport. Just hang up and snap in the bars. Also it’s easy to maintain.
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY LED GROW LIGHT- PRIME GROWER 8 bars LED grow light with 2816pcs Diodes, high energy efficient drivers with a photon efficiency of 2.8 umol/J, the actual power is 1000W, which provides sufficient light source for plant growth. It’s ideal for a 6 x 6ft vegetative area or a 5 x 5ft flowering area.
  • FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT FOR ALL GROWTH PHASES-Infinitely close to natural light, provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight. LED plant lights enable cultivators to produce density buds, 8-bar configuration allows widely application in the home grows (grow box and grow tents), climate rooms, commercial growing (horizontal and vertical), greenhouse cultivation, vertical racks, hydroponics.
  • DIMMABLE DAISY CHAIN-The dimming knob is dimmable from 100% to 40% so you may easily adjust the light intensity of the light for the veg and flowering phases. It has a daisy chain function which allows you to connect up to 50 lights. You only need to operate one controller(not included) to dimming multiple lights simultaneously, this is a great convenience for large commercial growers.
  • GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION&SILENT FANLESS DESIGN-8 bars light design and aluminum material on the back contribute to better airflow and great heat dissipation while ensuring long lifespan of the light. Silent fanless design. No fans zero noise.
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET-1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, Power Cord, Adapter, RJ Wire, Hanging Strings, Users Manual. 3-Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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M. Mayert

Awesome light low heat output, low energy cost and very powerful

Joesph Paucek

Prime Grower High Efficiency MAXX M8 Full Spectrum 1000W Horticulture LED Grow Light Indoor Plants

Daryl Auer

This is one of the best LED lights in the indoor farming industry. Highly recommend

Berneice Senger

Prime Grower High Efficiency MAXX M8 Full Spectrum 1000W Horticulture LED Grow Light Indoor Plants