Prime Grower Horticulture 1000 Watt MH HPS Grow Light System Set Kit

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Bundle Package Content:
1x 1000W Digital  ballast 120/240V (120V CORD INCLUDED)
1x 42" Umbrella Type Open Hood Reflector (Included) (Assembly require)
1x Choice of lamps, (HPS/MH combo or HPS ONLY OR MH ONLY OR 2 x HPS) or None 
1x 120V Mechanic Timer (included)
1x Pair Heavy Duty Rope Hanger ratchet  (included)

1000W Digital Ballast Spec:
  •     Automatically converts between HPS and MH Lamps                        
  •     Support dual voltage 120V/240V                       
  •     ETL Listed and CE Certified                        
  •     Built-in cooling fan to run cooler than other digital ballasts                        
  •     Easy Adjustable Power Settings of 400W/600W/1000W/Super Lumen                                              
  •     Internal RF Protection                      
  •     Allows 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz                  
  •     2 years warranty
1000W MH Bulb Spec:
  •     Lumens: 85,000LM                       
  •     Lamp compatibility: Operates on 1000W Digital or 1000W Magnetic ballast                       
  •     Color Temperature: 65,00k                       
  •     Base type: Mogul E39 Base                      
  •     Color Index: (RA) 65                       
  •     Frequency (Hz): 60                       
  •     Life span: 10,000HR                       
  •     Safety: S51 ANSI SPEC                     
  •     Bulbs Type: BTY37                       
  •     Use: Vegging                                                               

1000W HPS Bulb Spec:                                                                                                  
  •     Lumens: 140,000 LM
  •     Lamp Compatibility: Operates on 1000W Digital or 1000W Magnetic ballast                          
  •     Color Temperature: 2,100K                          
  •     Base type: Mogul E39 Base                          
  •     Color Index: (RA): 20                          
  •     Frequency (Hz): 60                          
  •     Life Span: 24,000 HR                                                    
  •     Safety: S51 ANSI SPEC                        
  •     Bulbs Type: T14.5                      
  •     Use: Flowering and Fruiting                                          

120V Mechanical Timer Spec:                                            
  •     Automated lighting for consistent hours of light
  •     ETL Listed and Certified                          
  •     Operates on 120V can be used up to a 1000W Ballast                          
  •     Wattage up to 1725W                        
  •     15 minute On/Off                          
  •     15 Amp                                           

Rope Spec:                                                                        
  •     Maximum weight capacity is 150lbs ( 75Lb per rope)                           
  •     1/8 Size                                               

42" Umbrella type Open Hood Reflector:                                                  
  •     Size: 42"                           
  •     Lamp Compatibility: MH/HPS                     
  •     Socket type: E39 Mogul Base                         
  •     Industry Standard S-plug                           
  •     Pre-installed ceramic socket                           
  •     15" Heavy duty wire cord

Customer Reviews

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Lou Mante
Just what my plants needed

Well I got the this light setup and in a timely manner I might add.
This is a well built light.
It's as close as you'll get to the sun as far as I'm concerned