Prime Grower Horticulture 400 Watt MH HPS Grow Light System Set Kit

$174.19 USD

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Bundle Package Content:

    1x 400W Digital  ballast 120/240V (120V CORD INCLUDED) 
    1x 6" Cool Tube with add on Wings (included)
    1x Choice of lamps, (HPS/MH combo or HPS ONLY OR MH ONLY OR 2 x HPS) or None   
    1x 120V Mechanic Timer (included)
    1x Pair Heavy Duty Rope Hanger Ratchet (included)

400W Digital Ballast Spec:

  •     Automatically converts between HPS and MH Lamps                      
  •     Support dual voltage 120V/240V                   
  •     ETL Listed and CE Certified                       
  •     Built-in cooling fan to run cooler than other digital ballasts                       
  •     Easy Adjustable Power Settings of 50% 75% 100% and Super Lumen                                       
  •     Internal RF Protection                     
  •     Allows 50 Hertz to 60 Hertz                    
  •     2 years warranty                                                                                         

400W MH Bulb Spec:                             

  •     Lumens: 38,800LM                    
  •     Lamp compatibility: Operates on 400W Digital or 400W Magnetic ballast                      
  •     Color Temperature: 65,00k                      
  •     Base type: Mogul E39 Base                      
  •     Color Index: (RA) 65                      
  •     Frequency (Hz): 60                     
  •     Life span: 10,000HR                      
  •     Safety: S51 ANSI SPEC                      
  •     Bulbs Type: BTY37                      
  •     Use: Vegging

400W HPS Bulb Spec:

  •     Lumens: 53,500 LM                     
  •     Lamp Compatibility: Operates on 400W Digital or 400W Magnetic ballast                      
  •     Color Temperature: 2,100K                       
  •     Base type: Mogul E39 Base                        
  •     Color Index: (RA): 20                         
  •     Frequency (Hz): 60                         
  •     Life Span: 28,000 HR                                             
  •     Safety: S51 ANSI SPEC                       
  •     Bulbs Type: T14.5                     
  •     Use: Flowering and Fruiting

120V Mechanical Timer Spec:

  •     Automated lighting for consistent hours of light                      
  •     ETL Listed and Certified                         
  •     Operates on 120V can be used up to a 1000W Ballast                         
  •     Wattage up to 1725W                         
  •     15 minute On/Off                         
  •     15 Amp                      

Rope Spec:                                                     

  •     Maximum weight capacity is 150lbs

6" Cool Tube with add on wings:

  •     Size: 24"x 6"                       
  •     Lamp Compatibility: MH/HPS                         
  •     Socket type: E39 Mogul Base                          
  •     Industry Standard S-plug                          
  •     Pre-installed ceramic socket                          
  •     15" Heavy duty wire cord

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
T. Howell
Excellent value.

Good spectrum, great price.

Real good deal

Was a birthday gift for buddy and he loves it. Was a real step up anyway for him but the deal really is a good one. As good as any I've personally owned from similar quality companies.

Solid buy

Bit skeptical at the price but this is a solid product.

D. Thomas
Recommended item

It arrived in perfect condition and for the price you won't find much better. We've never used this particular type of bulb before but so far it's everything we wanted it to be and as long as you use them as specified they are great.

Works good

Great product great price works good