Mobile Raised Garden Bed Outdoor/Indoor Herb Garden Planter Box with Legs, 2 Wheels and Lower Shelf

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Mobile Garden Planting Raised Bed Elevated Flower Box Vegetable Planter Herb with Handle and 2 Wheels 


1. Built‑in wheels, with 2 wheels on one side and a handle on the other side, you can easily move the garden bed from one area to another. The 2‑wheel base ensures a strong fixture.
2. Ample bed space, storing a lot of soil in the plant bed, providing enough space for plants, vegetables and herbs to full realize their potential, suitable for home garden.
3. Durable and compact, made of scratch‑resistant powder coating metal material, the space‑saving is perfect for placement on your balcony or other small spaces in your home.
4. Equipped with storage rack, put dirt bags and pots on the ventilated storage rack at the bottom of the garden bed, with a pair of hooks on the side for easy access to tools and other accessories.
5. There is a drainage hole at each end of the bed to help prevent root rot and maintain the best hydration for the soil and plants. The drainage holes are diagonal to each other for balanced drainage.



Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Plant Planter
Material: Powder Coating Metal
Bearing Capacity: 100lb
Product Size: Approx. 84 x 31 x 80 cm / 33.1 x 12.2 x 31.5 in
Weight: Approx. 10450g / 368.6oz


Package List:

1 x Movable Planting Bed
2 x Wheel
1 x Large Wrench
1 x Small Wrench
1 x Hex Wrench
1 x Installation Screw Kit
1 x Installation Instruction