Portable Mini Cloche Greenhouse with Zipper Doors, 13' L X 3' W X 2.5' H

$86.89 USD


Check out this tunneled greenhouse and create a solid and warm home for your green little friends. Our plant nursery is constructed of a strong and solid steel pipe frame with a durable PVC plastic cover over the top. The cover of the hot house has two functions: it protects plants from everyday weather and keeps them warm in times of colder temperatures. Furthermore, it does a great job of keeping dust and wind away from the plants. The lightweight design of the plant greenhouse means it's quite easy to move when needed while still proving stability with its metal steel frame. Finally, the double zippered roll-up side doors give plenty of great access while controlling ventilation when needed. Check out our beautiful and functional greenhouse and let your plants grow year-round.

  • Tunnel-style greenhouse with solid steel frame and PVC plastic cover
  • Ideal for extending plants' growing season and protecting from outside weather
  • 4 roll-up zippered doors allow for easy access and good air ventilation
  • Lightweight design allows for portable mobility to change locations
  • Water-resistant, transparent plastic covering for years of use
  • Simple assembly required, no tools needed to build