Prime Grower APP CONTROL GL4000S UV IR Board Grow Light LED 450W Dimmable Full Spectrum Waterproof IP65

$439.00 USD $599.00


  • SMART REMOTE CONTROL: with upgraded Bluetooth Smart control system ‘GROW LAMP’ App, which can easily remotely control all grow lights via your smart Phone, including Group Control, Dimming, VEG/Flowering status and Timing setting (each group can support 10 different timing settings). Using your smart phone, you can connect one or unlimited LED grow lights at same time, without power cords, to Daisy Chain the lights and customize your plants’ growing status.
  • ENHANCED FULL SPECTRUM: GL4000s uses the most efficient Samsung LM301d 3000K and 5000K diodes, significantly increasing Red 660nm (200pcs) and IR 740nm (80pcs) LEDs, with UVA395-405nm (16pcs) LEDs. This optimal, Full Spectrum growing light is ideal for all plant growth statuses, from Seeding, Veg, Bloom to Fruit. Significantly improves PAR and the efficiency up to 2.9umol/J; can increase yields up to 50% more than other grow lamps. Veg coverage is 5x5 ft; Flowering coverage is 4x4 ft.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION&MODES: Multi choice for different growth stages, ‘VEG’ mode, 5000K Bluish lights increase, suitable for seeding/germination and young vegetative growth. ‘Flower’ Mode, Blue lights reduced, 660nm Red lights and IR/UVA turned on, which enhance the light intensity, suit for Flowering and Fruiting. Use ‘All Bright’ Mode to get more Lumen output for fast plant growing. The brightness of all Modes can be dimmed 15%-100% and Timing setting to match your plants’ various growth stages.
  • LOWER COST & HIGHER EFFICACY: the LED grow lights use the 2021 latest remote control technology, compatible with Samsung LM301b diodes and High Quality driver and can output more lights and PPF to drive maximum higher yields. Actual power consumes 450W+/-5%, can output 30% more than other LED lights efficacy and 50% less power consumption than MH/HPS.
  • APPLICATION: Seed Starting, BLOOM, Other, VEG, vegetables, fruits and flowers Greenhouse, plant indoor

Model: Stylestar Mixjoy GL4000S
Light Color
Samsung lm301 Diodes 3500K+660nm+IR 750nm
720pcs 3000K +240 pcs 5000K + 200pcs 660nm + 80pcs IR 760nm+16pcs UVA
2116 μmol/(m2·s)
Input Voltage
23.6''×18.9''×2.2'' (720×600×55mm)
3 Years


Customer Reviews

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I like the light a lot.. put out some heat when above 60% intensity. I purchased 2. Both are in 2x4 grow tents.

Awesome LED. You won’t regret it!

I was reluctant to move from my 630 CMH double end setup for many years while my friends spent a fortune on new crappy LED lights with poor yields. Finally with updates in technology, I decided to upgrade my setup. After a ton of research I decided on this GL4000 and I couldn’t be happier. Fantastic light output (you will need UV glasses), great temperature control, and the dimmer makes this the best value for the buck. Not to mention the app control!

Kay Poll
top of the line hardware AND support

first of all this light is THE light for top notch grows and folks who want to truly give their plants the best gear and therefore the best chance at thriving through to harvest. the price is worth it ten fold, as you can't cut corners in the lighting department, and also when I finally experienced an issue I needed assistance with? prime grower customer support was quick (and I mean quick) to respond to my inquiry.

Andy K
Works as specified

Love this light so much I bought two for my 5x5

Love the control app!!

Great light! My plants love it! And this is some high tech sh$t!!!