48" x 48" x 80" Complete Grow Tent Kit with 600 Watt LED Grow Light Grow Plant Pot Soil & More

$1,475.81 USD


  • TOP INDOOR GROW TENT: Our 48" x 48" x 80" grow tent comes with 600Watt LED Grow Light unit working in unison (All-in-one with ballast built in):Full spectrum layout, reflector design and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and Upgraded Cooling, ETL. Works great in a closet, pantry, or corner of your room. Filtration System is through 4" fan, high CFM Inline Exhausting Fan with 5-speed controls.
  • GOOD GROWING ITEMS IN A SINGLE BOX: Get a supply of 4" carbon air filter, 2x steel ducting, 4x Duct Clamps, 3x Rope hangers, 4x 5-Gallion Grow Pots and 14” plastic saucers, Heat & Humidity monitor, Electronic timer, 2x Clip Fan, Pruning Snip, 2x Germination Domes, 10x Rapid Rooter, Power Cord, Leather gloves, 2x 16oz and 2x 32oz Fermenting jars, Drying Rack - 2.2ft 4 Layer Clip on Hanging Herb Dry Net.
  • DURABLE TENTS: Taylor made tents for a taller easier grow and to ensure long-lasting use. Premium Indoor Grow Tent Room Reflective 600D Mylar Hydroponic Non-Toxic Hut (Hulk Series). We assemble every small, medium and large indoor or house plants grow kit by hand with the highest quality items to ensure an efficient and enjoyable growing experience.
  • BEST FOR ANY KIND OF PLANTS: Start planting a flower, veg, or herb garden with these grow kits. It comes w/ specially formulated (Two Bags/10lbs) Kind Soil “Hot Soil” and Fox Farm Potting Mix (1.5 Sq-Ft) which behaves like little sponges that control the water well. A complete set of indoor grow kits for beginner and advanced growers/planters.
  • TOTAL GROWING SOLUTION: Our team of experts has sourced the best super-soils, tents, grow LED & HPS lights, fans & carbon filters, and support grows materials. Take pride in your grow from start to smoke, and enjoy the low cost, high quality of a 100% organic and natural yield.

Why Our Kits?

We have carefully selected the best indoor equipment to streamline your indoor grow experience, and allow you to focus on your own personalized and fruitful harvests.

With products in every category, you can enjoy healthy growing all year long, and harvest your grows straight from the source! So take control of your produce, and grow your own goods no matter where you live.

Quality Soil for Growing

CaliSuperSoil is a nutrient-rich artisanal soil that's been formulated through years of research and development, resulting in a final blend unmatched by others. Our 18+ nutrient blend ensures that plants get off to the right start, then continue growing strong right up to harvest.

How to Use Your Essentials Kit

Customer Reviews

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M Purdy

My husband and I both love this Hydro set up. It didn't take long to assemble my husband assembled it all by himself it took under an hour. Our plants is thriving cannot wait until harvest time. And yes I highly recommend this product.

Ian Moss

Worth the money! Great buy!

Isom Senger

48" x 48" x 80" Complete Grow Tent Kit with 600 Watt LED Grow Light Grow Plant Pot Soil & More

Roberto K

Arrived in one large heavy box. Very well packaged. Assemble Instructions very clear. I had everything assembled and up and running in a few hours!

Laury G

Great quality!